Monday, September 24, 2012

4th Birthday Interview

I'm a little late (okay, a lot late) in posting this but I wanted to have it written down somewhere:

Nate's 4th Birthday Interview
Nate replies to my questions

Favorite color:  light pink and dark pink; light red and dark red

Favorite toy: Alphie (also said it's his favorite robot)

Favorite fruit:  pineapple

Favorite TV show:  Octonauts

Favorite thing to eat for lunch:  fish sticks

Favorite game:  soccer; Uno

Favorite snack:  graham crackers and juice

Favorite animal:  elephant

Favorite song:  Cool, Cool Summer (Vacation Bible School song)

Favorite book:  Henry in Love

Best friend:  mommy (I swear, I didn't prompt him to say that!)

Favorite thing to do outside:  play with my slide

Favorite drink:  orange juice

Favorite holiday:  Christmas

Favorite thing to do with Mommy:  share my toys

Favorite thing to do with Daddy:  helping me clean up (what?!?)

Like to take to bed with you at night:  Buzz Lightyear

Favorite thing to eat for breakfast:  pancakes

What do you want to be when you grow up?  said the following very quickly "When I'm 5, I'll go to Uncle Eric's; drive in my own car; when I'm an adult, I'll fly a rocket ship to outer space (100 planets I need to go to); I'll be a big boy and maybe I'll get to climb a ladder."

Saturday, September 22, 2012

If I Wrote a Pregnancy Manual....

it would have one chapter and it would go like this:

If you're having a baby during the summer months, kiss up to friends who have swimming pools.  Submerging your swollen body in cool, cool water will be blissful. It's the only time you'll feel like your old self.  Until your {ugly} maternity bathing suit stops fitting and then you'll have to find a new diversion -- like chocolate.
The end.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby Quilt Revealed

This 33 inch, square quilt was created with a charm pack line called Calico Candies by Michele D'Amore.  I thought the colors and old-fashioned prints would stand the test of time and were dainty and charming.  The border is yardage from the same fabric line.  I didn't take a photo of the back because it's yellow flannel -- nothing too special.  

I followed a baby quilt tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company (Love Jenny Doan!) that was really easy.  Once I finished the quilt top, it sat in the closet for quite a while so that I could think about how to finish it up.  I toyed with having someone else do the quilting for me in a swirly/stippled pattern.  I toyed with learning how to free-motion quilt myself I spent a lot of time on the Internet researching and learning.  Eventually, I decided to handle it myself and go for a linear, modern look.  I bought a walking foot on eBay and gave it a go -- straight line quilting is fun but hard work and time consuming!  Then came the hardest part -- binding.  My binding is pretty messed up, I'll admit.  I tried a machine binding technique that may have been above my head; my corners look pretty lousy.  But the whole process from start to finish was meant to help me learn about quilting....and have something cute to pass onto Baby Girl.

So, will I make another quilt?  Funny, you should ask.  Last week I purchased a layer cake of Christmas fabric (see here).  I've always wanted to make a Christmas quilt that we could snuggle under as a family during the Christmas season (Yeah, we don't really have cold weather in Los Angeles for TRUE snuggling but it's a nice tradition just the same).  It'll probably be about the size of a lap quilt; I don't think I'll ever had the patience or skill for a large quilt.  Baby quilts, wall hangings, and table runners are perfect for someone like me with a short attention span.  I'd start working on it now, but oops, I'm having a baby soon.  Guess I'll begin working on it during late night feedings?? 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It All Started with a Dollar

This story has a brief timeline that goes a little like this:

Lee brings home a few random books for me from the church rummage sale.

I read one of the books in 2 days.  It's titled The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini.

I start thinking about how interesting quilts are and become fascinated by the terminology (who doesn't love a hobby with words like "charm pack, layer cake, and jelly roll"???)

I find out I'm pregnant.

I discover via Amazon that there are twenty books in this quilting series.

I continue reading the series and am now up to book #10.

I spend 24 hours on bed rest due to some genetic tests and look up "how to quilt" videos on Youtube.

Via Youtube, I discover the wonderful tutorials from Missouri Star Quilting Company.

My mind starts to play tricks on me -- "you should make a baby quilt!" I hear over and over.

I spend weeks studying up on quilting, knowing it's a hobby that's a little out of my league.  Plus, I already have photo albums, scrapbooks, and a cross-stitch project to finish....don't really need to add to my "to do" list.

We find out we're having a girl.

One day later, I purchase a charm pack of girlie fabrics. 

The timeline jumps several months to this week, when -- ta da -- I finished my baby quilt. Just in time too since Little Miss Cook could come any day now.   Soooo the quilt and LMC have gestated about the same amount of time.  Interesting.  Tomorrow I will share photos of the finished product and review what I've learned about quilting.