Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The month of August wasn't a super exciting month but it gifted us with:

  • The end of Nate's swim lessons, followed by 3 weeks of "nothing" before school started.  Nate told people he was "on a break."
  • Nate's first day of Pre-K.  We love his teachers!
  • Chelsea saying her first word ("dolly").
  • A new living room rug.
  • Hot weather finally arrived in SoCal.  Boo.
  • Nate's first blood draw -- 3.5 vials -- to confirm tree nut/peanut allergies.  Maybe I'll write a separate post on this.  Or maybe I won't because it depresses me.
  • A much needed haircut for yours truly.
  • A birthday photo session for Nate that was about 3 weeks late.  I'm in a constant state of lateness these days.

The world would be a happier place if more adults ate dried cereal with empty Zappos boxes on their heads.
That's what Nate thinks, anyway.

My bathing beauties.  This was Chelsea's first time swimming.  She liked it!

I didn't realize it until I was looking in Nate's closet
 that I bought him 4 plaid shirts in the span of 2 months (2 new, 2 thrifted).  Weird.

One Saturday morning, Nate I went out for doughnuts and then I took his picture to mark his 5th birthday.  I took about 75 pictures and maybe 10 of them turned out.  Thank goodness for digital cameras!

New living room rug alert (if you can take your eyes off the cuteness).

He loves to jump from the diving board but isn't thrilled about swimming in 3 feet of water.  
Is that a boy thing??

We've enjoyed our subscription to Kiwi Krate.  They ship us 2 craft/science projects
every month for a small fee.  We made sea animals this month.

First day of school.  Boy, it was hot!