Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby Quilt Revealed

This 33 inch, square quilt was created with a charm pack line called Calico Candies by Michele D'Amore.  I thought the colors and old-fashioned prints would stand the test of time and were dainty and charming.  The border is yardage from the same fabric line.  I didn't take a photo of the back because it's yellow flannel -- nothing too special.  

I followed a baby quilt tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company (Love Jenny Doan!) that was really easy.  Once I finished the quilt top, it sat in the closet for quite a while so that I could think about how to finish it up.  I toyed with having someone else do the quilting for me in a swirly/stippled pattern.  I toyed with learning how to free-motion quilt myself I spent a lot of time on the Internet researching and learning.  Eventually, I decided to handle it myself and go for a linear, modern look.  I bought a walking foot on eBay and gave it a go -- straight line quilting is fun but hard work and time consuming!  Then came the hardest part -- binding.  My binding is pretty messed up, I'll admit.  I tried a machine binding technique that may have been above my head; my corners look pretty lousy.  But the whole process from start to finish was meant to help me learn about quilting....and have something cute to pass onto Baby Girl.

So, will I make another quilt?  Funny, you should ask.  Last week I purchased a layer cake of Christmas fabric (see here).  I've always wanted to make a Christmas quilt that we could snuggle under as a family during the Christmas season (Yeah, we don't really have cold weather in Los Angeles for TRUE snuggling but it's a nice tradition just the same).  It'll probably be about the size of a lap quilt; I don't think I'll ever had the patience or skill for a large quilt.  Baby quilts, wall hangings, and table runners are perfect for someone like me with a short attention span.  I'd start working on it now, but oops, I'm having a baby soon.  Guess I'll begin working on it during late night feedings?? 


Jen said...

I think you did a great job! All those corners that need to match up perfectly scare me away from quilting LOL :)

How fun that you found a new hobby for yourself during all this! And you finished just in time too!

sheila cummings said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Mom

Tracy and Aaron said...

Looks great! I'd say you've inspired me, but I'm not ready for quilting yet ;-)

Jennifer said...

The quilt is beautiful! I want to make one, wish you could teach me....maybe in 5 years.