Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Dig I Dos

I have wedding fever....

Exhibit A: We watched the latest Harry Potter movie this week. I love the unusual wedding dress worn by Fleur Delacour. Don't know that I would have been as brave in real life to wear such a unique dress. But still, it's beautiful in a movie.

Exhibit B: I found the shoes I wore in my wedding buried in a box in the garage and am in the process of having them dyed a dark color. No sense wasting perfectly good shoes. Of course, these shoes are over 5 years old now so they're not in style (were they ever??).

Exhibit C: Lee officiated at a wedding last weekend. We had the BEST time at the reception despite knowing only a handful of the other wedding guests. I think we looked particularly nice and the environment was beautiful at the Langham Hotel. A memorable date night (yes, I actually will count it as a date night). "Nothin' but the best for my baby," says Lee. Ha!

Exhibit D: Have you seen this marriage proposal on YouTube? Very cute.

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Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Oh that proposal was so cute!! It made me have tears in my eyes :) Thanks for sharing!!!

Have a great weekend!