Friday, May 20, 2011

Show and Tell

Have you ever wondered what your friends and family do all day?  If they work outside of the public eye, don't you wonder what their work environment looks like?  Well, I'm about to show you what I see every Tuesday and Thursday.  If you feel inclined to share your own work site on your blog or website, please do....because, if you don't, my active imagination is going to assume that you're really an agent for the CIA.  I digress...

My work day starts with an early morning commuter train (7:30am):

Followed by a quick walk through historic Union Station.  Isn't it beautiful?

This is the LONG hallway at Union Station that takes you from the commuter trains into the hub of the station.  It's so long and cavernous that I've often imagined the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz is at the other end (remember, active imagination!) Since I took this picture a long time ago, a Wetzels Pretzels & Starbucks has been added to the left side of this picture. You don't know how badly I want a pretzel every time I walk this corridor now.

From there, I catch the subway for a short ride. I've seen some pretty crazy stuff on the subway. And I've also smelled some pretty bad b.o.

Four stops later, I arrive at my destination.  Two or three yards away is my office building -- historic, beautiful, a sight to be seen.

And -- ta dah -- the lobby.  Oh the lobby.  These pictures cannot do it justice.  The lighting inside is poor so it's hard to capture  the details but, trust me, I catch my breath every time I walk into this lobby (it's even more beautiful at Christmas with garlands and a large Christmas tree):

Ding!  The third floor brings you to our suite.  Here is one view of our lobby/sitting area:

The first door on the left is my office.  Yes, this is where all of the magic happens (lol).  Notice my color-coordinated and organized binders.  Notice my boring view overlooking an alley and bank parking garage.

That pretty much sums it up.  There are 3 other offices in our suite, a conference room, and a break room.  Typical office stuff.  Now look at these pictures in reverse order and that's my commute going home.  I hope you enjoyed the tour!


Anonymous said...

How lovely! Your commute is much better than mine. :-( Nate's Gramma

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your building is so beautiful! Fun to see, thanks. Jennifer