Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stomach Trouble Looms for Elmo and Abby

 The following conversation occurred during bath time tonight after Nate set Elmo and Abby on the edge of the bathtub....

Nate: Elmo and Abby are eating dinner together.
Me: Really? How nice. What are they eating?
Nate: Fish sticks, french fries, chicken nuggets, cake (still thinking)
Me: What about veggies? It would be nice if they ate fruit and veggies.
Nate: Elmo and Abby eat fish sticks, french fries, chicken nuggets, cake, and okra.
Me: Uhh, okra??
Nate: Yea
Well, bonus points for Elmo and Abby. I've never eaten okra and I don't plan to. If Nate wants to try okra, I'll have to consult with my Southern friends on how to cook it (fried!!)

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Jen said...

Hilarious....how does he even know what okra is?