Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oinks and a Dancing Machine

Most toddlers make cute little animal noises like a gentle "woof" or "meow" from a dog and cat.  Not my son.  His first animal sounds have been that of an elephant and a pig.  I have yet to get the elephant noise on tape but here is my little piggy's some other stuff that I haven't a clue what it all means.  Nate has to oink during the animated portion of Mary Poppins (yes, her again) as you'll see here.  This is all part of our nightly ritual.  Enjoy!


Jen said...

I like how he's snorting and spinning/dancing at the same time- cute!

Tammy said...

Can I just say that my mom would be thrilled if that was one of her grandchild's first "noises". Oinking is much more difficult than simply woofing or meowing. :) I hope you are aware of that. I love it!!