Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garden Update

1. We have strawberries!  There are 2 big ones that are turning red very quickly (must be the heat).  That means 1 a piece for Lee and I.  Yum.  We'll pretend it's the final bite of strawberry shortcake.

2. I planted sunflower seeds everywhere and they've kinda taken over the planter.  No blooms yet but lots of greenery.  

3. We need to buy some beer for our snail friends so they'll stop eating eating leaves of the above-mentioned sunflowers and tomato plants....of course, they won't be our friends once they drown in the beer.  But they'll at least be happy little guys.

4. RIP rosemary.  We hardly knew ye.

5. The oregano and mint have grown so much, they are co-mingling.  So if you come over for some Italian food or ice tea, expect some weird flavors....

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