Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Somebody gave me this tree kit as a belated baby gift and it only seems fitting that I'd put it together on Earth Day.  I emptied the soil, seeds, and pebbles into the plastic container, then after adding a little water, I stuck it in the frig for 20 days to "imitate nature in a process called cold stratification" (quoting the directions).  So here's hoping I remember to take our mini-greenhouse out of the frig in May and that I don't lose the directions!

Other Earth Day observations:
1) I'm sad that there aren't more recycle containers out for the trash pickup tomorrow.  Our next door neighbor never puts his out so I guess that means he never recycles.  Boo, hiss!
2) On our mid-day walk, I was really surprised by how many houses had their sprinklers on at noon.  Yes, right in the mid-day sun.  Most of that water evaporated in the sun's heat so not only did all of those lawns not get a good drink, those people will have a high water bill for nothing.
3) I turned off the computer this morning and this is the first time I turned it on -- tried to conserve a little energy.
4) I'll admit it -- I wash dishes with the tap running.  It's a giant waste of water, I know.  I feel very bad about it.  But for the last week I have made an effort to be more water-conscience -- I now clean all of the dishes with the tap off and then rinse them.  

Happy Earth Day to you all!


Jen said...

Hey I thought LA County dwellers are only supposed to water their yards on Monday and Thursday between 4pm-9am? At least that's what the news was saying this morning. You should leave anonymous letters in their mailboxes :)

I feel guilty for all the disposable diapers we're adding to the landfill....

Yep, I'm over it now.

Jeff and Mindy said...

I'm trying to do the same when I wash dishes. But sometimes I'm just plain lazy. I really need to work on that.