Tuesday, June 4, 2013


May brought about:

A power surge that killed some lightbulbs and a few minor appliances.
Our first garage sale in years that yielded a paltry profit but was fun, none the less.
My first real haircut in over a year!  Eww.  About time.
Chelsea's first illness -- a cold.  Nate and I also got it.  It was mild but lingered.
An insanely hot Mother's Day.
I recall being barfed on about 3 times by 2 kids this month.
An insurgence of ants and spiders.  Double eww.
New flowers and plants in our front yard planted by yours truly.
Open House at Nate's preschool.
We have movement, people!  Chelsea is scooting around.
Praise the Lord! Goodbye ugly green linoleum in the kitchen. 
Nate's last day in Room 3 at BFUMCNS.  Only 87 days until Pre-K starts.
Chelsea turned 7 months and is in size 9-12 month clothes.
A move of sorts -- Lee and I now sleep in the den (long story).

Music Time. Maybe they'll be the next Carpenters. Yes, I am that old.

Happy girl showing off her dimples.

This is what happens when you take a picture just as somebody sneezes.

Kewpie Doll.

We water plants in our skivvies.

Sir Nathan of Cook Manor.

The King of my heart.

Angry Birds come to life!

I used to exercise on this trampoline when I was single.  Now my kid plays on it.  Story of my life.

Sunflowers 2013.  My 4th summer growing them.

She loves to wrinkle her nose at people.  We call it Chelsea's "stink eye" look.

And there she goes.  Gotta explore and put things in her mouth. Yea for us.


Anonymous said...

Your kid waters plants in his skivvies . . . my in laws believe to potty train a boy child is to have him "water" the plants to turn the hydrangeas blue . . . you imagine the rest.

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos! You are right! Chelsea does look like the old Kewpie Doll!
xoxo Mom

Jennifer said...

Amazing photos, Nikki. Love the mid sneeze and kewpie doll.