Friday, September 2, 2011

A Milestone

Dear Nate,
I wish you could stay small forever. I want to wrap you up in a blanket and cuddle with you  -- yes, I know, I know --you didn't even like doing that when you were a baby. Still, I can't help it. You'll always be my little peanut. I know it's inevitable but try not to grow up SO fast, okay?
Hugs and Kisses,


Anonymous said...

I ran across a yellowed newspaper clipping I'd saved since you and your brother were little:

"Somehow, the sunlit world is gray
A small boy went to school today.
So often in these few years
Of healing hurts and mending tears
Of picking playthings off the floor
Of running often to the door
To see if he were safe at play,
The awful fear that he might stray
On eager, fearless baby feet
Into the crowded city street.

One thought has been a placid pool,
He'll soon be old enough for school.
And he was old enough today
Yet all the sunlit world is gray
So soon my rooms grow orderly
With no small boy to bother me.

But quiet rooms are lonely things
When in their walls no small boy sings
A quiet yard's a lonely place
When it has known a small boy's face
Today he joined the world of men
He'll not be wholly mine again
Today he braved life's rise and fall
Dear Lord, he seems so very small.
Somehow the sunlit world seems gray
My baby went to school today."

Love you! Nate's Gramma and your Mom

Jennifer said...

Oh, that brings tears to my eyes. I can't believe it, no way is he old enough!
How did he like his first day of school?

Jen said...

Nate's Gramma, you made me cry! Avery's on the waiting list for preschool, and although I'm eager for her to get started, I think secretly I'm glad there's a waiting least for a little while :)

How does Nate like school so far?