Friday, August 19, 2011

Honest Abe

Earlier in the summer I read the book With Malice Toward None which is a biography of Abraham Lincoln. It was written by Stephen B. Oates in the 1970s and is often cited as the best one-volume biography of our 16th president. I found it to be very interested and haven't stopped thinking about the book and poor Mr. Lincoln since I finished it. I say "poor" because, to be blunt, his life stunk. Hardship after hardship. He endured it all for the love of his country. Very, very admirable but, seriously, he must have felt miserable most of the time. I wonder what he would think about this book? Or (more importantly - ha!) what he'd think about this (note: not suitable for children):

Good grief. Okay, ignoring that - I'm excited about the upcoming Steven Spielberg movie that stars Daniel Day Lewis as Mr. Lincoln. That should be good. Just call me a history nerd.

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Jennifer said...

Good grief, is right! Is it supposed to be funny, if so, I don't get it!