Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here Comes the Bride

Royal Wedding mania has started!

Will Kate wear her hair up? What tiara will she wear? Will her train be as long as Diana's? These are all pressing questions (questions that make my husband go "yyyaaawwwwn" but what does he know...) Only 3 more days until all is revealed, including Kate's dress -- my favorite part.

Friday morning, I will be sitting in front of the TV at 7am  (bless you DVR!) with a cup of tea and perhaps a scone.  Maybe my little party-of-one will celebrate with these cuties:
They're available as a printable PDF for $7 here on Etsy. Some people are soooo clever.


Jen said...

Yeah, my husband is yawning as well. Since you're on top of this wedding mania, what time is the real wedding? Will it be showed live here? I'm assuming yes, and that is the reason for the DVR?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen - it starts at 1am on the west coast! Does Zoe still get a night feeding? You might be up! Nate's Gramma

Anonymous said...

I too will be having my own little party of one! I've got my scones,berries&cream and English breakfast tea. I hear you can get Kate's ring at Michael's....but I'm not going that far!

Jen said...

Bite your tongue Nate's Gramma!!! Zoe has been sleeping through the night for awhile now- something we are very, very grateful for considering how early Avery got up for her first year of life :) So hopefully tonight will be no exception and I'll have to resort to watching one of the many, many re-runs this weekend, LOL. Will you be staying up all night?