Monday, April 25, 2011

Candy Hoarders

Candy doesn't move quickly in our house....and now our candy bag has acquired a new layer of Easter sweets.

"Chocolate bunny, I'd like to introduce you to SweetTarts."
"SweetTarts, have you met Fruitcake Mints?" (Yes, there really are Fruitcake mints in that bag - it was a gag gift.)
If the Valentine's Day Hershey Kisses eventually mingle with Halloween Candy Corn, then it may be time to say goodbye to the candy bag.
My teeth hurt just looking at this photo.


Anonymous said...

Fruitcake mints?? Actually, this looks very familiar--Danica's holiday candy would sit forever, even See's! Spencer and I made up a rule that after 2 weeks it was fair game....Jennifer

Tracy and Aaron said...

We tend to move ours into the freezer. We just finished off the last of the Halloween last week. And it was still good. (Of course, ours is usually chocolate - there are only adults at our house!)