Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Threes.

First, big prayers going out to New Zealand from your friends in California. We know what damage earthquakes can do but this is really horrible. 

Hard to move on to utter silliness after #1 but....I finally got around to watching Downton Abbey on PBS Masterpiece Classic. I set the DVR to record it a month ago and since I'm the only one around here interested in British dramas, it was difficult to find time to watch it. But I did this week and I love it! It's 4 parts and I have one last hour to go. If you liked Upstairs, Downstairs, you'd love this series.


The Academy Awards will be on tv this weekend. I haven't seen many of the movies but I'm always interested in seeing the gowns. I love the draped silk chiffon dress that Grace Kelly wore in Alfred Hitchcock's 1955 classic To Catch a Thief. That's what I'd wear if I was invited to the Oscars (Colin Firth, call me! I'm free to go on Sunday!). Here's a bit of trivia -- Edith Head was nominated for a Best Costume Design award for To Catch a Thief but lost. She was nominated 35 times during her career and won 8!

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lindybasenji said...

I love that dress also!