Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brand New Bangle

I made a quick dash into a thrift store a week ago and came out with this:
That's a plastic bracelet covered in bright yellow dots. Very 1986. Cost me $1.25 (they must have considered it retro!). Anyway, I've been wanting a bangle bracelet so I took this one, found a scrap of fabric in my craft drawer, covered it using Modge Podge, and finished it off with a quick spray of Poly. From start to finish, it took me 1 hour.  Here's the final results:

I think it turned out pretty nice. The inside where the fabric overlaps isn't super tidy but who's going to know besides me?? Wouldn't this also make a cute napkin ring? It wouldn't be difficult to find 6 plastic bracelets and then cover them in a pretty fabric for Easter dinner...just an idea! And here's another tip -- if you want designer fabric for small projects like this, look on Etsy under "supplies" and "fabric scrap pack." I bought a bag of scraps  for $10 and received some decent pieces. You just have to accept that it's a grab bag so you may not like everything you get.

I've linked up this post to the following. so hop on over and see what other creative people have been up to this week: 


Jen said...

Great transfortmation!

~ Jen @

kristy.lynn @ kristy.makes said...

very cute... i keep eyeing bangles wondering what i would put on them... i don't have a fabric stash.. maybe i'll have to check out etsy :)

thanks for sharing!

the cape on the corner said...

looks great! and good tip about etsy, too.

Frau Mondstrahl said...

looks great and I think that you can work the inside simply over by cutting a stripe that fits in the lenght and wide and the glue it- maybe something black- have seen that when shopping and bracelate were sold.