Monday, February 7, 2011

I Can't Count Up to 35

This is Nate. I'm taking over my mom's blog to tell you about my weekend. It was cool! We celebrated Daddy's birthday AND the Super Bowl. 

On Saturday, we went out to brunch with the family. It was a warm day and we ate outside. Everybody said the food was good but I stuck with fruit and orange juice.

Then we had cake. Look at all of those candles!  I helped Daddy blow them out. Daddy is old. All of the smoke bothered my eyes.

 The cake was really chocolate-y. It was good. I ate a huge piece and got frosting all over my clothes. I don't do the laundry so what do I care?? I still don't understand why I had to eat my piece of cake outside. Whatever.

Then Dad opened presents. He didn't get any toys. Poor Daddy.

Back at home, we had fun with balloons. My parents used the balloons to make the hair on their head stand up. They thought it was funny. I think they're strange.

The next day was Sunday and I went to church. I like the cookies at church but they ran out before I got one this time. They need to fix that. Later on, we ate dinner in front of the tv and watched a football game. I learned to say "touchdown!" and put my arms above my head. It was fun! I like football. I don't like Christina Aguilera. I think she sings too loud. Anyway, that's my weekend!

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Jen said...

Very cute, that made me laugh :) I can totally picture Nate thinking all those things!

Happy Birthday to Lee!!!