Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art Gallery

What type of artwork is hanging in your house? Do you prefer modern, traditional, or vintage? Photos, prints, paintings, posters? I tend to like a real mix of everything. Here's a little vintage vignette I have hanging in our hallway:

The larger piece at the top is a sunday school certificate for my great Aunt Rose. I discovered it in a scrapbook she gave me years ago. It's dated 1925. I had it matted and framed and I enjoy looking at it every time I walk by.

I bought the sweet print on the left at the Rose Bowl Swapmeet (I think) ages ago -- long before I became a mom. Little did I know then that I'd have a little boy just like this one.

On the right is a vintage New Years postcard in an old frame. A few years back I began collecting vintage postcards that had an illustration of a church on them. My goal was to have a rotating display of my postcards but I have earthquake putty on the back of this frame -- that stuff sticks! So I can't really move it around too much.

Now it's your turn....what's hanging on your walls??


lindybasenji said...

Not much of anything yet, but getting more and more photos hung. We also have some menus from special restaurants and I'm working towards some additional things. My walls are boring though!

Jen said...

Oooh, I like the menu idea from lindybasenji, that sounds really fun and a great way to remember special memories :)

I need to find a new piece of art for over our sofa, but it needs to be huge to fit into the existing frame we have. Until I find something that I absolutely LOVE, I guess the palm trees poster print will just have to stay.