Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Cozy for My Kindle

I'm a very lucky girl. For Christmas, my family conspired together and got me a Kindle and a couple digital books. It was an unexpected and delightful surprise! I still love the feel and smell(!) of printed paper but, I must say, digital books are pretty great too. I used it today on my commute to and from work and it was so easy to pull out of my purse on the lightweight Kindle will come in handy when I eventually tackle Mark Twain's 760-page autobiography (3.7 pounds -- ouch!)

Now I need to get a protective case for my Kindle. Obviously, I can pop on over to Amazon and buy one. Or....duh, I could make one. A bounty of tutorials are at my fingertips via the Internet. So, what do you think of this one:

It would be fun (and practical!) to use up some fabric scraps for this mini-quilt case but I'm not a quilter. I know, I know -- it looks basic but remember my skills are subpar. It would also require more time than, say, this one:

This one is a little easier to manage. Plus, she laminated the fabric to keep it from getting dirty-- how genius?? Here's another:

 Nice contrasting edge to this one. Clean lines. What about:

I love that this one resembles a book but, again, it may be out of my range of expertise. Which brings us to the following -- if I was a sewing maverick, I'd make this...

Isn't she beautiful? The extra pockets take my breath away. Of course, I can't find the source of this picture now - my apologies to whoever made it. Just as well since its design is WAY beyond me. Oh well. I hope to get started on my Kindle case soon. And, with any luck, it'll be done and ready to use by June or July. Yes, it really does take me that long to complete a project....

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Jen said...

Don't let the last photo fool you- it doesn't look that much more difficult than some of the other ones. I totally think you could do it...I'm off to scour the net looking for that photo/tutorial for you :)