Monday, November 22, 2010

Scarry World

I was thrilled to find this 1968 book a few weeks back:
Richard Scarry was a BIG part of my childhood. I didn't have this particular book but I had others and I can recall vividly how much I loved pouring over every page and every illustration. This story book has been a real hit with Nate. Some of the poems and tales are a little old for him so I can see how this book will grow with us for years to come. Currently, Nate has his favorite 4-5 stories that we read over and over. One of them is a lesson in numbers/counting and I have to share one part of it with you to give you a laugh:

The first time I read this and saw the handsome husband sitting on his behind while he was suppose to be doing housework, well, I thought that just sounded like someone else I know....ah-hem. When we get to number 7, the handsome husband is trying on his wife's hats. He's kind of an odd duck, this handsome husband. Not unlike, uh, you-know-who (who has never tried on any of my hats, as far as I know).

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