Wednesday, November 17, 2010

21st Century Child

Last night after bath time, Lee and Nate played peekaboo with his bath towel and this was their conversation:

Lee: "Where did Nate go?"
Nate: "Gramma's house!"
Lee: "Now where did Nate go?"
Nate: "Ruth's house!"
Lee: "Now where did Nate go?"
Nate: "Target!"

And here's this morning's response after I woke up Nate and told him about our day's activities:

Nate: "Nate excited see Ikea! Yea Ikea! Go Ikea now!" (I heard this over and over for 2 hours. We got to Ikea and within 5 minutes he says "Pay. Go home now." Figures....)

Is he a child of the 21st Century or what?!? Little Man can't identify his colors all that well but he knows what Target, Ikea, Trader Joe's, Von's, and Fresh & Easy are. Umm, am I doing something wrong here???


Anonymous said...

ahhhh the excitement of anticipation... evidently IKEA in his head was better than the realization. So much fun now that he can that little man! Nate's Gramma

Jen said...

Very cute :) In some ways, it must be so much easier now that he can communicate with you verbally- I am looking forward to those days.