Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dinner Theater

You're about to hear something singing voice.  Apologies all around.  Lee's the only musical one in this house.  But Nate looks and sounds funny here so maybe my singing won't make you cringe too much.


Anonymous said...

Didn't cringe once. You have a lovely, warm and lilting voice. What a great video. Thanks for sharing your special time with Nate, who is quite an entertaining little guy.

Jen said...

Lunch time is so much fun at your house!!! Maybe I should start singing for Avery?!?

lindybasenji said...

Totally enjoyed the singing . . . but are you sure you want to teach Nate to stick out his tongue?

Anonymous said...

The "Nick and Nate Show" - I love it! Nate's Gramma