Monday, June 7, 2010

Three Cheers for Three Tiers

I love playing around with the 3-tiered cake stand I bought at Ikea last year.  In November, it held small candles and an assortment of nuts for Thanksgiving.  In December, it was colored glass ornaments.  So when I trimmed our giant Bougainvillea  earlier this month, I thought the leaves and blossoms would make a nice centerpiece.  It only last a day before wilting, but it still made me smile.  I'm starting to daydream about what to do for 4th of July....any ideas?


Jeff and Mindy said...

How about red, white and blue sprinkled cookies?

Jen said...

Trader Joe's has red/white/blue tortilla chips all in one bag. And some salsa?

lindybasenji said...

I miss bougainvillea . . . a lot! Don't have that here in TN. But for your stand, hmmm. I'll keep thinking.