Thursday, May 27, 2010

Master of the House

A photo of a happy boy?  Yes, but boy oh boy, this boy wasn't happy 10 minutes earlier.  When he woke up from his nap he was in a Mood (warrants a capital M).  Foul, grumpy, gloomy, angry, all of it.  I handed him a piece of a chocolate chip granola bar and he threw it on the floor.  Unacceptable -- house rules state chocolate is to be treated with respect at all times and must never, ever end up on the floor or in the trash (Lee learned this rule on day #2 of our honeymoon when he threw away a half-eaten candy bar).  I give Nate a 2nd piece of granola bar and it ends up on the floor again.  I hand him a couple chocolate chips and they end up you-know-where.  We go back and forth -- the Toddler Tango -- for what feels like an eternity.  Finally, in his highchair, he reluctantly put a piece in his mouth.  He pretends it's the most foulest thing he's ever eaten and scowls at me while he whines...reminds me of a tiny Simon Cowell or Donald Trump.  But then -- oh the power of chocolate -- the tears subside and he smiles.  "More" he says pointing at the wrapper.  I don't move quickly enough and the tears begin again. 



Jen said...

I would have handed him the pieces he threw on the floor! Avery is quite used to eating things she's thrown onto the floor :) Does that make me a bad mom?

Why is it that they wake up from their naps in such a horrible mood? I can't figure it out, but man it's brutle sometimes.

Jeff and Mindy said...

Priceless! I love the photo! I too feed my boys the food they throw on the floor. They put dirt, sticks, leaves, balls of lint, etc. in their mouths anyway so how much worse could it be?!