Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We went to Superfan Eric's "farewell to Lost" party on Sunday night.  He and Ella made an awesome meal and we all watched the 2 1/2-hour episode via beach chairs outside...Superfan is also a techie so the show was projected onto the garage door.  Very cool to watch it under the stars and have it be such a large picture.  What wasn't cool was that it felt like it was 20 degrees outside.  We are still living in Southern California, right? 

Airplane cookies made by yours truly 
honoring Oceanic flight 815

Everyone was in costume.
Pam came as the Smoke Monster!

Dharma Merlot -- tasty!

A little light reading.

(L to R) Frank Lapidus, Jacob, Aaron, Man in Black

Richard on the garage door.


Jen said...

Very cool :) I don't think I would have survied 2 1/2 hours in this weather- you're right, it's freezing!

Anonymous said...

Great Lost party!

Scott M.