Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Did They Braid Each Other's Hair and Crank Call Boys Afterwards??

Pillow Fight Day was April 3rd -- we missed out, didn't we?  The Los Angeles fight was held in Pershing Square, around the corner from my office building in Downtown Los Angeles.  There are a couple people in this video who had some serious issues to work out apparently...sheesh.


Jen said...

1. How old are we? I thought pillow fights were for elementary school slumber parties.
2. Was that a girl or a guy in the red tank top swinging like crazy?
3. I love the coughing at the end from someone inhaling too many feathers!

Sandra said...

:0, really it seams that there is nothing that doesn`t exist...! But I love the " everything you do is right day" from your last post, I mark this in my agenda too. I`m visiting from SITS and always enjoy reading new blogs. Have a great day!

lindybasenji said...

Wow, I'm so sorry I missed it. And I forgot you worked so close to Pershing Square. If I ever bring Aaron back to downtown LA, we'll have to see if you are available for lunch. I'd love to get him to Felipe's for French Dips.