Monday, March 15, 2010

Salt and Peppa

I've been cleaning out the garage all this week (and next week and the week after that, etc.) and have  stumbled upon some gems I had hidden away in boxes (5% has been gems; 95% has been junk).  My Great Aunt Rose left me her salt and pepper shaker collection years ago -- this was the cutest set.  Hello old friends, I've missed you.


Jen said...

Every now and then I'll have a moment where I'll think of something that I once had that I now need right at that exact moment- and then I'll remember that it's been packed away for quite a while since Avery came along. Sad part is I have no idea where it is currently since we've got our stuff in storage spread out among two offices and a garage.

Cute shakers!

lindybasenji said...

My mother has been collecting S&Ps since she was in first grade. I have no clue what I'll do with all of them when they come to me, but I will enjoy them!