Wednesday, December 9, 2009


In Southern California, we think 50 degrees F is below freezing.  We admit it -- we're wimps.  If you were used to years of balmy winter days in the mid 70s, you'd be a wimp too when the temp dipped.  So the fact that we've had a couple nights in the low 30s this week means we're one step away from calling Sarah Palin our governor (vague Alaska reference).  Seriously.  It's cold.

Here's a picture of the frost on our garage at 8:30am this morning.  Yes, I think frost warrants a photo.  If you live in the Midwest you probably don't see what the big deal is -- just humor me, okay?  It's amazing that I even know the word frost.

So what do Californians do on wintery days in mid-December?  What everyone does -- we make lemonade!

Well, maybe not everybody makes lemonade except for those people in Florida but our neighbor's lemon tree is bursting with lemons.  She gave us some and they've been sitting in a bowl on top of my frig for a while.    So -- ta da -- I made lemonade...while I was wearing mittens and a big coat because it's still only 65 degrees (just kidding).


lindybasenji said...

Yeah . . . it was in the 20s this morning as I left for work. People laugh at me and my winter clothes, but my SoCal thermometer is still active. Sigh. The snow we had last Saturday was nice though. Only stuck around a few hours . . . just my type of snow!

Jen said...

Yeah, this frost thing isn't appealing to me at all. If I can see my breath when I breathe out, it's too cold in my book.