Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there was a little boy.
This little boy was sweet but had a stubborn streak.
He refused to wear a hat when he was out in the sun.
One day, the little boy went to the beach with his parents and some friends.
His mom tried again to get him to wear a hat but he refused and threw it on the ground.
The mom was worried he'd get a sunburn so she took a deep breath and then...
poured a large amount of suncreen directly onto his head.
She rubbed it into his hair -- it was a giant mess.
The little boy looked a little like Nick Nolte's mugshot (here).
But once it was over, the mom felt much better.
That is, until the little boy lost his balance and fell into the sand.
Later that night, the mom had to shampoo the little boy's head twice to remove the sand.
All of the scrubbing made the little boy's head red.
The end.

Click photo to enlarge -- trust me, ya gotta see this
Photo courtesy of The Harrisons

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Anonymous said...

that photo is one in a million!
Boy, I remember those days--just be happy it didn't get in his eyes, that's really fun....