Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why I Shouldn't Search The Web

Different things I've read on the internet lately led me to believe that we were falling behind in introducing Nate to larger, chunkier foods.  Women have blogged or commented on various sites saying their children started eating finger foods at 8 months.....we're still on Stage 2 pureed food at almost 9 months.  So today, I put about a dozen cooked peas on Nate's highchair tray.  First off, the poor guy isn't really tall enough to see them on the tray  or reach them easily so that was the first struggle. He didn't know how to grasp them so they ran all over the floor -- no big deal; I knew this was an experiment.  So I gave up on that and moved on to his normal dinner of pureed sweet potatoes and rice/chicken combo.  But that nagging voice in my head spoke up again - "he should be eating chunkier food." On the spur of the moment I mashing some of the cooked peas and fed him a tiny bite.  His little face was classic -- utter disgust.  Then he gagged.  Then he gagged a lot.  Then he threw up all of the sweet potatoes and rice/chicken combo.  Moral of this tale: don't compare yourself to other moms and kids on the internet.  We'll be continuing with our slow and gradual introduction of foods, thank you very much.


Jen said...

You can get a picture of Nate in a shopping cart but you didn't get a picture of this?!?! Oh man, what I would give to have seen the look on his face- priceless :)

Anonymous said...

Makes me wanna gag just thinking about it.... "everything in it's own time". Gramma