Saturday, June 7, 2014


Now THAT is how an ice cream lover eats an ice cream cone!

We've been playing with a lot of Legos lately.  Nate has enjoyed his subscription to (rental service of Lego kits)  I'm still on the fence about Pley -- several of our kits have had missing bricks.

 Consistently warmer weather means more time outside and playing wrestling in our toy tent.

Sunflowers from this year's garden.  The setting sun was hitting them just right for a nice picture one evening.  Our 2014 garden has been a disappointment.  More on that another time...

Nate with his "body portrait" at Open House.  Every year the kids paint a body portrait.  It's been interesting to see how his skills have progressed each year.  He likes to draw big eyes (!)

 Don't mess with Texas Chelsea.  Seriously, this girl loves hats!  She wears one every day -- Nate's Easter fedora, Burger King crown, bicycle helmet, winter ski cap, you name it. 

I'm thrilled when my kids play in the sprinklers during the summer because (1) it's what I used to do as a kid and (2) it means I don't have to go to the trouble of blowing up the inflatable pool!  #momneedsabreak

We picked strawberries on an overcast Saturday during Memorial Day weekend.  People kept referring to Chelsea as a boy (as if the pink shoes aren't a clue but whatever).  She loved the animals at the farm and asked about the "goats" & "animals" for several days afterward.

"I found one!" Nate would yell to us when he saw a red strawberry.  He was a good little farmer.  The strawberries were delicious.

How did this little guy grow up so fast?  Goodbye beloved preschool.  We will miss you SO much! (maybe Mommy is going to miss it most of all.....)  But of course, Chelsea will be there in 2015...

Do you see Nate's response to the question?  Please, Lord, help our sweet boy find a special friend or two or three!

Nate and 2 of his preschool buddies.  This class really bonded...can you tell I'm feeling a little sad about leaving it???
Nate and 1 of his 2 teachers on the last day of school.   She started to cry when telling me about how terrific Nate is.  Then I started to cry.  What an emotional day!

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