Tuesday, October 22, 2013


September continued the sizzling late Summer heat that debuted in August.  We kept the air-conditioning on 24/7 and took dips in the inflatable pool after school and on the weekends.  It also brought about:

A trip to the Los Angeles County Fair!  We took Nate out of school on Wednesday, Sept. 11th and drove out to the fairgrounds.  I had done extensive research online to know which areas of the massive fair would be entertaining for a 5-year old and walkable for those of us pushing a stroller.  We had SO much fun!  And the weather was a dream -- perfect, balmly, mid-80s.  We really lucked out on that one....

I joined the Parent's Committee at Nate's school and volunteered for a leadership position.  Not sure what I was thinking when I raised my hand and -- bam -- added to my workload but it'll be fun to socialize with the other moms (and dads!) and I feel so strongly that this is the best preschool in our city, that I was compelled to give back.

Seasonal allergies!  Achoooo!  I think the Pepper Berry and Oak trees in our neighborhood are making all of our noses tickle. Poor Nate got it the worst but taking a Singular pill at night seems to be working great.  In fact, we're all feeling much better.

I've really been good about meal planning this month.  Yea for me!  Pinterest has really become my go-to for great recipes.  We've had some really winners and I'll hopefully share them here soon (famous last words).

The month in photos:

Crazy girl on a Slip N Slide.

Nothing builds up a young immune system like sucking on an old, dirty screen door.  Ewww.

Yeehaw!  Hello L.A. County Fair!

First stop on this hot afternoon.  Need to keep Daddy hydrated (wink wink)

Boy, are these horses HUGE.  I'm talking the size of a small dinosaur.

We saw this a lot.  The fair is a giant ball of noise and was a little much for Nate. 

I loved the indoor pavilions with the kids contest submissions.

Our boy LOVES the giant slide.  A lot.  He rode it about 6 times.

Required eating - funnel cake!!!!

A dream come true for Lee.

Ninja warriors together at last.

Had to get a picture with the Zoltar machine.  "Big" is one of my favorite movies!

Nate loved the dress-up area.

Our last stop -- dinner!  Just kidding.  Who would actually eat that??  Photo-op only.


Anonymous said...

I love these monthly updates! It looks like a wonderful day was had by all at the fair! xoxo Mom

Anonymous said...

Hee - your husband is my favorite. I'd love to be in the Mystery Machine with him! I was also glad to see you in at least one photo. My mother has the same complaint about my blog. Sigh. And last, but not least, I'm so glad there was a giant slide that let parent on with child. I think I love those as much as Nate and I can't wait for Tadpole to be old enough for me to use him as my excuse! Lovely update as always.