Saturday, July 6, 2013


The month of June brought about:

A family wedding!  My brother is now married.  I'll post a separate entry on the wedding in a few days.

Summer school for Nathan.  He's signed up for 4 weeks each with a different theme:  camping, science, messy stuff, and music appreciation.  It's been fun to be around different kids, teachers, and in different classrooms at his preschool.

My 42nd birthday.  Not sure how I feel about that number.  I had to work the day of my birthday but I received a lovely cake made by Nate and some beautiful flowers from Lee.  Lee also gave me an entire day away from the house to sew.  I took my sewing machine to my mom's dining room and never looked back.  I was very productive and really enjoyed myself.  Thanks, hon!

We had AT&T come out and install a phone jack near our living room tv, finally!  We're debating wether to drop DirectTV and rely on the internet for our tv viewing (Netflix, Hulu).  It would save us a bundle in cash and might get us motivated to watch less tv at night and do more creative things.  The final decision hasn't been made yet.

My office took fancy headshots for our revamped website.  It was fun having my picture taken by a real headshot photographer.  

Chelsea is now very mobile.  She crawls and scoots. She sits up and moves around from one positon to another.  She's even started pulling up on furniture.  Chels really wants to walk badly.  Yikes.  Not ready for a walking Chelsea yet.  She's also moved into 9-12 month clothes.

We upgraded our inflatable pool!  It was time to say goodbye to our little whale pool and say hello to a larger pool then entire family could use.  Nate loves it.

We had our first official Summer Family Movie Night.  After Chelsea goes to bed, Nathan gets to cuddle with us on the sofa and watch a family-friendly movie.  We have popcorn.  The first selection was Disney's Robin Hood.  Animated motion pictures from the 1970s sure look dated compared to the fancy computer animated films of today.  But Nate didn't care.

Lee's first Father's Day as a dad of two.  He obviously had to get up early for church on Father's Day since it's a Sunday but we did our celebrating earlier.  The kids gave Lee a copy of comedian Jim Gaffigan's new book Dad is Fat.  It's a hilarious book!

Mommy's sun hat is a fun toy.

All 3 of our pools have had names.  Nothing super original but names nonetheless.  This one is called "New Pool."

Yes, we experimented with the slide from the swingset in the pool.  Yes, Mommy went down the slide too.  I have a bruised shin to prove it.  

A man, his guitar, and his adoring fans.

A birthday cake isn't a birthday cake without sprinkles!!

Beautiful birthday flowers.  Dahlias are my favorite.

We play with blocks a lot while Chelsea takes her afternoon nap.

Happy Father's Day.  Chelsea's t-shirt is one Nate wore 4 years ago.

It wasn't cold on Family Movie Night.  Nate loves to wrap up in a blanket.  I was sweating!

An empty pool makes an awesome outdoor playpen.  Redneck or what???

We've reached the silly faces phase of childhood.

I'm still super excited that I finished my 2nd quilt in June.  Last pic, I promise.

Hey you.  Stop standing.  Stop growing.  Stay little.  I mean it!

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I love your blogs - and love this family! Mom