Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Still Here

I know, I know. I came back to my blog in the Spring, published a few posts and then disappeared into the unknown. No real excuses,  just busy living life here in sunny So Cal. 

So in the spirit of being totally random, I'm going to summarize Summer 2012 in photos.

Made some smoke on July 4th.

Grew Sunflowers -- 3rd year in a row. 

Why heat up an already hot kitchen??

Cooled off like this until...

 this happened (we have a Panda-shaped pool now).

 Walked under the infamous rock at LACMA.

Teenager in training? That's one disgruntled face.

Nate's now 4 years old. Whaaaat???

 Enjoyed some home-grown raspberries with my cereal for a few days before the August heat killed my plant. Boo.

 Oops. Neglected to mention I look like this now.
 Baby Girl set to arrive early Oct.

Watched the Olympics. Future Michael Phelps??

The only way to beat the heat. Baby Girl likes them a lot.

That's about it for our Summer. Preschool has resumed and we're counting down the days until we meet Cook Family Member #4. Fall will be very different around here....


Eric Walker said...

You went to the rock and didn't tell us?! It's so close by :) And we have Its Its (and ChocoTaco's) at work all the time...good stuff. Just like Jr. High school. You should start sharing your blog posts (or at least links to) on Google+ too :)

Anonymous said...

Always happy to see a new blog entry with new photos! Sounds like a good summer! On to Fall with your new lil pumpkin! Nate's and ?'s Gramma

Jennifer said...

So excited about your baby! Hey, I've been having an It's It summer too, what's my excuse?

Jen said...

Love it! Looks like you guys had a great summer :)