Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Blinked And....

Nate finished up his first year of preschool today.

I don't know where the last nine months have gone.
He's changed soooo much just in the last sixty days that I don't remember my little Nater Tot from way back in September 2011.

Nate's signed up for three weeks of summer school (Monday thru Friday; morning hours only) and he seems pretty excited about it. Maybe not as excited as his mama who is super stoked to experience what it's like to have three hours alone every Monday/Wednesday/Friday during the month of June. Don't get me wrong -- I love my kid to bits but I can't wait to have some time to accomplish a few tasks SOLO. Like cleaning out cupboards, yard work and re-staining our outdoor bistro table. You know, fun stuff like that.

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Jennifer said...

3 hours--you will love it! It will seem like 3 minutes. So wonderful that Nate likes school, I always had to force Spencer and it made me feel so bad.