Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Threes.

Yippee for a new season of "So You Think You Can Dance." It's hard to believe this is Season #8. There have been so many fabulous dancers on this show over the years and I've sat in front of my tv and cried a few times over the emotional routines (anyone remember this dance about surviving breast cancer? I balled my eyes out at that one). And, of course, part of the fun is tuning in to see what Cat Deeley, the show's hostess, is going to wear. I like Cat. I think we could be friends. We could go out to eat and she'd take me shopping at Fred Segal and I'd take her shopping at, um, Sears and JC Penneys. Hmm, maybe this friendship isn't destined to be....

For those of you outside of the Los Angeles area, let me fill you in on a little bit of local news. This upcoming weekend will be a challenging one for Angelenos. In fact, it's being nicknamed Carmageddon and Carpocalypse (we like drama or sound bites or nicknames....or anything else that gets us attention). Basically, a 10-mile stretch of one of our busiest freeways will be closed down for 53 hours (Fri thru Sun) for a construction project and people are talking about it as if the entire city will crumble before our very eyes. Over 50,000 cars normally drive on this freeway on a typical weekend. So will the shutdown bring LA to a standstill? In my opinion, probably not. But it will cause a lot of driving headaches as people seek out alternative routes. OR maybe it'll turn out to be the Y2K of 2011 (remember that bag of hot air???)

This is what 95 looks like. Not bad, huh? Nate and I attended a surprise party on Wednesday for our dear Auntie Ruth (our next-door-neighbor, relative, and friend). Lighting 95 candles on a cake isn't an easy task. Blowing them out is even harder. (poor Ruth). I think Nate said "Happy Birthday" and "Surprise, Auntie Ruth!" about 50 times. That boy loves a party.


eric said...

Did you like the guest judge last night?

Jen said...

I think your Aunt Ruthie and my grandma should be friends :) I love that she dressed to match the sombrero- or was that just a coincidence?