Friday, May 6, 2011

Chocolate -- My New Foe

I ate a handful of chocolate covered raisins last night. That was a bad idea. I'm extremely susceptible to caffeine in the evening. The caffeine in the chocolate kept the wheels of my mind spinning until 2:30am. Boo. I couldn't stop obsessing thinking about how I haven't picked out a preschool for Nate. Double boo. So this morning I woke up feeling like I'd been beaten up and knew immediately that I wouldn't be on top of things today. That's an understatement. Things went downhill very quickly...

I packed a snack/lunch bag as I do every Friday morning before our toddler class at Descanso Gardens. I put it next to the front door. Then I forgot to take it to the car. Oh my. I didn't discover my giant mistake until we were in the midst of storytime. Nate was already moody this morning so this just threw him over the edge. He couldn't understand how I could have forget to bring his snacks. I think he wants to trade me in for a new mommy. Look at his face here:

I explained my mistake and told him we'd eat when we got home but it didn't matter. Every time we saw a bench or table, he'd hurry up to it, sit down and ask about his snacks. There are a lot of benches at Descanso Gardens. It got old really fast.

I will not be eating chocolate again at night. Actually, I'm so shell-shocked I might not eat chocolate at any time of the day for a while.

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Jen said...

I'm so paranoid about not having snacks when I need them, that I just keep a stash in my car AT ALL TIMES. Poor Nate. Poor mommy. You can give me all your chocolate since you won't be eating it.