Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nate Update

Here's what Nate is up to these days:

Instead of saying "yes," he says "rigghhht!!" very loudly.
Instead of saying "no," he (sometimes) says "mmm, maybe not." Cracks me up.

Tells me his favorite color is orange (mine too).
Tells me that his favorite song to sing is "Ishy Bishy Spider" (that's how he pronounces it anyway).
Tells me his favorite song for me to sing to him is "Old Macdonald Ate Some Pancakes" (I was improvising).
His favorite book is The Big Book of Trains.

He gets upset if he doesn't get to say "hi" multiple times to the people who work at the market, the post office, the car wash, etc.

Constantly asks me during the day "mommy, what are you doooooing??"

I've started calling him our "Closet Catholic" because he's obsessed with the Catholic church down the street. We can see the spire from every window on one side of the house and he wants to check on it multiple times during the day and right before he goes to bed. "There's Saint Finbar's!!!" he yells. Lee and Nate have even walked down and gone into the sanctuary a couple times. "There were candles on the mantel," Nate told me.


Anonymous said...

I love getting an update, do you have the cutest boy, or what?! Jennifer

Jen said...

He's such a cutie- Avery misses Nate :) Time for another playdate!

Anonymous said...

My precious boy (so sweet, so fun)!! Nate's Gramma