Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Threes.

I've had this picture saved for a long time so, unfortunately, I don't have the source. But I saved it for inspiration because I love the idea of taking a simple charm bracelet, attaching pretty ribbon at both ends and turning said bracelet into a necklace. Cute and clever, no??

My favorite color is orange, although you wouldn't know it because my wardrobe is definitely lacking in orange these days. So I think as summer approaches, I may add some orange here and there. These sandals are new from Lands End. I kinda like them.

Ahh, Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend. Lee refers to DST as "the harbinger of doom." Yeah, he's dramatic like that. He doesn't like that it signals hot weather is on its way (roughly 4 months away, Drama Queen Lee). Anyway, I say bring it on! DST is a gift to mothers everywhere. It means we have 1 extra hour of daylight for our kids to run around outside and exhaust themselves so that maybe they'll go to sleep a little earlier. Here's hoping!!

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Anonymous said...

(1) cute! (2) hmmm I rarely see you in orange except that one sundress? (3) you make me laugh - I'm assuming Lee doesn't read your blog. :-)
Nate's Gramma