Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Texas Forever

Friday Night Lights.
Yes, it's a show about high school football.
Yes, it's a show about a drab, little Texas town.'s also a show about people. I love these people.
Seriously, I have become totally vested in the people of Dillon, Texas.
I love their big hearts, their determination, bad choices, good choices, funny moments.
Friday Night Lights has become my Lost, my 24, my Six Feet Under.
When the show ends in 2 weeks, I'm going to need to seek grief counseling*.

Let's backtrack -- Friday Night Lights started on NBC in 2006. It immediately received critical acclaim but had trouble finding an audience. That remained the story for the next four years. To date, media giants like Time Magazine have called it the best show on television. I didn't discover this show until last year. Yes, I was late to the party. I had certainly heard about it and have been a fan of Kyle Chandler (one of the show's main stars) for a very long time. But I never made any effort to watch it. So now I'm getting caught up. I've watched the first four seasons on Netflix since last Fall. The fifth season is airing right now on DirectTV and will replay on NBC over the summer. And then it ends. That's hard for me to believe. I hope my enthusiasm for this show encourages you to seek out the "little engine show that could."

*Lee will be joining me in my grief. He just started watching the show (I think he got tired of hearing me say "you've GOT to watch this show!") and just gave in. He didn't like it at first -- and that led to a whole discussion about why women like tv dramas more than men but that's an entirely separate post -- but now he is hooked. 

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