Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Rewind

Here are a few photos taken in our house back in the early '60s. 

Short and fat -- cute tree! I think I see a few Shiny Brite ornaments that are a lot like mine. And isn't it nice seeing wrapped boxes under a Christmas tree instead of gift bags? Call me a traditionalist -- I prefer boxes to bags.

Our tree is in the same corner of the living room right now. This is my Aunt Sharon. What a cutie.

Okay, this is great. For all of you Christmas crafters in 2010 -- here's a reindeer made out of dishwashing detergent bottles. My mom made this in 196?. I think it's kinda cute. I believe it's sitting on top of a television or hi-fi (Google "hi-fi" if you don't know what that is).

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Anonymous said...

Hey! check out the framed photo of the gal with the "big hair" in the first Christmas tree photo (just to the left of the tree).....Snooki's hair!! LOL
- Nate's Gramma