Saturday, November 27, 2010

CSI - Plymouth Rock

What happened here? You make the call.
 Meet Myles and Rose Standish.
As the only Thanksgiving decorations in the Cook house, Myles and Rose take their roles seriously. They represent their fellow Pilgrims with great pride. But behind those gentle expressions lie a dark secret...

Good Gracious Rose! What happened to your head? Was it:

A) Myles became violent and whacked her with a turkey drumstick after she asked if he would kindly hold her basket of fruit too;
B) She's allergic to tryptophan and her head exploded;
C) She got tired of listening to Myles talk about "those Native people" and bashed her own head against a wall;
D) Nikki dropped her in the garage while rearranging her holiday decorations.

If you answered D, well, you're wrong. It's B. Poor Rose. She should have stuck with the Tofurkey.


Jen said...

Hilarious! I was thinking Nate had something to do with it- but nope, it was his mommy instead :)

Superglue maybe?

Anonymous said...

Funny girl!!!
Nate's Gramma