Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Hair-Don't -- I'm on a Roll!

Nate and I have our bath-time routine down pat. We play with bath toys, sing songs, and generally act silly in-between the actual business of washing his little body with soap. He gets the giggles when I flip my hair over my face and pretend I can't see him. Then I shake my hair back into place and ask him to shake his head too.  

So the other night, I finished up with the bath and handed Nate over to Lee. He was going to finish putting Nate to bed while I ran a few errands. I'm out the door at 7:50pm, in a rush to get to the library and TJMaxx before either of them close. It only dawns on me about 15 minutes later as I'm standing in the library that I didn't brush my hair before I left and I'm sure I look something like this:
 I reached up to pat down my hair as I stood looking for a book.  Oh brother.  I really need to slow down sometimes.  Makes for a good laugh!


Jen said...

I can sympathize- sometimes I'll be out and realize that I've got a crusty booger or dried food on my shoulder....nice :) I just tell myself that I'll never see those people again.

Nikki said...

Note to self: if Jen has a crusty booger on her clothes the next time I see her, I won't say anything.

Jen said...

Oh I forgot this one- the other day I changed into my pj's for the night. It was then that I discovered the banana chip that was stuck on the butt of my jeans! I have no idea how long it had been there, but I do know I was at the grocery store, Target, Joann's and the gas station that day.