Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do You Take This Man? "Ja"

I was fairly obsessed this weekend with a royal wedding.  Most of the US didn't even know it was taking place but for someone like me (1. a closet royalty buff and 2. a fan of anything wedding-related) waking up at 6:30am on Saturday to watch Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden marry her commoner boyfriend, Daniel Westling, streaming live on the internet (Thank you Al Gore! ha!) was so much fun. 

Yes, I didn't understand most of what they were saying but that's okay.  The bride radiated, the groom looked like, well, Clark Kent, and Stockholm has now been added to my Bucket List.  And don't even get me started on Victoria's gorgeous Cameo Tiara (rumored to be a gift from Napoleon to Josephine oh so long ago).  

It was just sweet to see two people so in love and beginning their lives together -- romance is definitely not dead.  In fact, I predict there will be a little baby Swede nine months from this weekend :)

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Tammy said...

So the truth comes out.. you are a closet royalty buff. What are you going to do, now that everyone knows?
It was a great wedding.