Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Setting Up House

My mom found this old invoice from when my grandparents moved into our house in the 40s (click on the picture to view it larger).  By today's standards, it's a pretty sparse list for furnishing a seven-room house.  All they needed were the basics -- this is rule we all should be living by today.  PS -- I would have loved to see what their $12 "Boudoir Chair" looked like -- sounds fancy!   


lindybasenji said...

These memories are priceless. I love that you have this sense of history living there, and get to see what the decades have changed. And yes, I'd love to stick to basics like that as I prepare to move into my next house!

Jen said...

They sure liked rugs! Wow, I can't get over the prices- do you have pictures of them in the house with these pieces of furniture? It would be interesting to try and match up the furniture to the invoice. Very fun!