Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Story

If you missed the first episode of this new special series:

I'd highly recommend that you see if The History Channel is repeating it in your area and start watching.  THC has been plugging this series for what feels like 6 months with commercials during our  favorite THC shows (American Pickers, Pawn Stars) so we gave in to the pressure and gave it a try last Sunday night.  It's great -- the CGI effects are amazing.  After watching this, if you don't feel grateful to our Founding Father and Mothers, well, you're made of stone.  In all fairness, the commentary is a little weak (I doubt Michael Douglas is an expert on the Pilgrims but he apparently had something to say about them).   Other than that, I really recommend it.  The second episode airs this Sunday night.  

Have a nice weekend!

UPDATE:  I fell asleep during last Sunday's episode.  Oops.  Hope it gets a little more interesting for me.

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