Thursday, January 21, 2010

{Not} Singin' in the Rain

We're on day 5 of heavy, heavy rain in Southern California and it's starting to make us a little loopy (translation: Cabin Fever).  Days 1-4 were charming and cozy.  Day 5 -- not so much.  Our backyard is a mess, there's a lovely circle of cracked plaster on the dining room ceiling, and our mail arrives one step away from being pulp.  This is no longer fun.  So to create a little diversion, I've been looking at SUNNY photos from our "archives."  I thought I'd share them with you too, in case you have Rain Drain Brain (yeah, I just made that up).

Painted Desert -- you can't get any drier than this.

Ah, beautiful, warm sand of St. Croix. 
How I want to run around barefoot in you.

Succulents -- no water required.  Yippee.

Central California.  Probably during a drought.
(I think California children learn the word "drought" in the womb).


Melody said...

We're in SoCal too, but I'm loving the rain! Though, I have to admit, our backyard is not. We've already made one trip to the fire station for sandbags, and our pool was this close to overflowing today. I'm going to be sad when the rain stops, but we still have one more day! :)

Jen said...

I hear you. Not only do Avery and I have cabin fever, but we've both had a cold this week as well. Not to mention the MAJOR leaks around our sliding glass door. Fun times!

Why does California get its annual percentage of rain during one concentrated week? I wouldn't mind if it was spread out a bit, you know?

lindybasenji said...

Blame my friend Corey who decided to do major construction on her house in Redondo Beach . . . every time she does, SoCal gets an El Nino . . .