Thursday, January 14, 2010

50s Friday

I've been slackin' on my 50s Friday posts.  I can't even remember if I posted this image or not and I'm too lazy to look back at my last 100+ posts so here you go -- this isn't an ad but a photo that accompanied an article about "modern" kitchens.  I could cry over the fact that there's a dishwasher in this pic.  Lee has promised me that someday soon we'll live in a house with a dishwasher.  Oh to dream!


Jen said...

Oh my, that lower picture on the right reminds me of your last apartment kitchen!

If you got rid of those curtains and the wallpaper, the kitchen would look very retro by todays standards. Interesting :)

lindybasenji said...

Oh yes, I too dream of a dishwasher . . . my house we sold had one and the house we kept does not. At least my frog prince is really good about washing dishes. Now if he could just learn to also put them away!