Monday, December 7, 2009

Reading Thoughts

You're probably thinking "oh, that's so cute.  Look at Nate studying his nativity set."

Nate's thinking "cool, look at all of these colorful things that I can suck the lead paint off of."

And I'm thinking "I feel really guilty leaving the poor baby Jesus in the box but he looks too little and Nate might choke on him."

I'm also thinking "I hope nobody notices that the manger is sitting atop a rubber container.  Classy!!"

Nate's also thinking "I hope my mom doesn't notice that I've already removed the paint off on Mary's head.  Yum, it was tasty."

Now you're thinking "where the phone number of Child Protective Services?"


Anonymous said...

Things were so much easier before China and lead paint. :-( Nate's Gramma

Jen said...

Mmmm, yummy lead paint! I'm sure we all ingested our fair share of lead paint and heck we turned out okay right? (this was meant more as a statement rather than an invitation to answer the question)...