Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mooning New Moon

I'm behind in relaying this story -- it happened a couple weeks ago but it's SO worth sharing.

We met some friends for dinner at a wonderful Chinese restaurant called New Moon that we love in Montrose.  It's a little on the classy side and has a beautiful bar area.  Here's a photo I "borrowed" from their website:

Yes, we did take Nathan but we got there at 5pm -- we wanted to avoid having him disturb the more serious Chinese food patrons.  But to our surprise, the restaurant was full at 5pm; I guess it's popular.  I did get a glaring look from one table that said "seriously, why are you bring that little boy in here??" but I ignored it (they didn't know it but I know that this restaurant visit was very rare -- we try to be considerate of other people). 

So, for the most part, during dinner he was a good kid.  When he started to get a little noisy I took him outside and we walked around the block 1-2 times.  When we came back inside, he stood next to my chair and played with the strap on his highchair.  I was able to re-join our friends in conversation and keep an eye on Nate.  Or so I thought.  I looked down at one point to see Nate moving his legs weird and then I realized HE HAD TAKEN HIS PANTS OFF.  He didn't use his hands at all -- his shoes had tugged at the pants cuffs and he somehow managed to pull them down without using his hands.   Amazing.  Lee says my face was akin to this at this moment:

Maybe I'm exaggerating a little but I've never been so surprised.  I tried to avoid looking at that disapproving table because I can only imagine what they were thinking.  Actually, we all had a good laugh about it.  But mark my words -- next time we go out to eat, Nate will be wearing a jumpsuit or something else that's one-piece.


Jen said...

You've got yourself a little Houdini! Oh my gosh, that is sooooo funny- we laughed out loud at this one :)

Nate's Gramma: get your grandson a belt or some suspenders for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jen....I think tiny "Larry King" suspenders are in order. Nate's Gramma